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Executive Capacity Enhancement through Training and Career Development

The CESB, through Board Resolution No. 812, enacted on 17 August 2009, approved and promulgated the Omnibus Rules, Guidelines and Standards on the Continuing Professional Development System for the Career Executive Service (CPDS-CES).

The CPDS-CES serves as the overall framework of policies, rules/ guidelines, standards, systems, tools and processes for the development, implementation, review and evaluation of all capacity building programs to be developed, offered, accredited and prescribed for the career/ professional development, continuous/ lifelong learning and capacity enhancement of CESOs and third level eligibles in the civil service.

This capacity building program portfolio is composed of various training and education programs which transform men and women in the CES into development-focused, reform-driven and service-oriented leader-managers.

These programs are designed as life-long, career and capacity development interventions aimed at strengthening strategic CES competencies, inculcating core values and attitudes, and at deepening commitment to public service.

The programs draw on a wide range of perspectives, multi-disciplinary expertise, knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to capacitate leader-managers for effective and sustainable performance on the job which translate to expected and positive organizational results.

Career development in the CES is planned as a complete and systematic process using a framework centered on an official’s "total personal development", responsive to important development needs and a career path from entry into the CES until retirement from the service.

CESB training and career development programs are envisioned to raise not only the competency levels of CESOs and third level eligibles, but also to deepen their sense of commitment to public service, and help them understand the CES as a program of government, as a service, a culture, and a way of life.

In the case of third level eligibles, only those occupying at least a Division Chief position or its equivalent, unless otherwise provided, may participate in the training and career development programs of the CESB.

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