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Frequently Asked Questions on the Online Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System (CESPES)

September 28, 2015

1. What is CESPES?

Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System or CESPES is the official annual performance evaluation system for members of the Career Executive Service (CES). It serves as the basis for personnel actions, including original and promotional appointment to CES ranks, salary adjustments, grant of merit-based incentives such as the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) and conferment of awards like the annual GAWAD CES program, quarterly CES VIP and Outstanding CEO awards and career planning and development.

2. Who are covered by the CESPES?

The CESPES covers all incumbents of CES positions, Career Executive Service Eligibles (CESEs) or Career Service Executive Eligibles (CSEEs) or Career Executive Officers (CEOs) in non-CES positions in various departments and/or agencies of the national government, including Government-Owned or Controlled- Corporations (GOCCs) with original charters, for an uninterrupted period of at least three (3) months.

3. How is performance evaluated in the CESPES?

Each CES official is evaluated based on two (2) major components: Accomplishment (through their Performance Commitment) and Executive/Managerial Competence (through the Behavioral Competency Scale) with corresponding weight allocations of 80% and 20%, respectively.

4. How is CESPES conducted?

The CESPES is conducted every year covering the performance of the preceeding year. It starts in January and shall be fully completed not later than the last working day of March of the year succeeding the given period. The Online CESPES shall be implemented simultaneously in all departments/agencies covered by the CES in accordance with the schedule prepared by the CESB.

5. What are the repercussions of delayed and/or incomplete submission of CESPES?

An official without CESPES rating shall not be eligible for original and promotional appointment to CES ranks. He/she may not qualify for the grant of merit-based incentives/benefits, including, but not limited to, performance based-bonus, step increments. He/she may not be nominated to awards and other forms of recognition, including the annual Gawad CES Program and the quarterly CES VIP and Outstanding CEO awards.

6. Why the shift from manual to Online CESPES?

The administration of an online annual performance evaluation of CES officials through an online interface will make the performance evaluation more systematic, efficient and transparent. Because processes and methods are simplified and more accessible, Online CESPES allows access to data from different places. Performance appraisal can be done at a specified time, eliminating age-old problems associated with a paper system such as tracking down people and missing signatures.

7. How do agency coordinators, ratee officials, superior and subordinate raters proceed with the Online CESPES?

Agency coordinators and ratee officials will receive a message in their respective email accounts from [email protected] to register into the system. Upon registration and verification, agency coordinators may start filling out the Ratee Information Sheet of their respective officials, while the ratee officials may start doing their performance commitment. On the other hand, subordinate raters need not register into the system. Once the schedule is open for their agency, they will receive a message in their respective email accounts from [email protected] and start rating their superior by clicking on the link provided.

8. How do we accomplish the Performance Commitment and Review Form (PCRF) as well as the Behavioral Competency Scale (BCS) Form?

Ratee officials may accomplish their PCRF by clicking the ‘Online CESPES Login’ through our website (www.cesboard.gov.ph), then by loging-in, clicking the ‘Online CESPES System’ and then the Ratee Performance Commitment. Before filling out the PCRF, official has to select the rating period and office/agency by clicking the drop down arrow. The PCRF consists of a) Organizational Strategic Objectives, b) Office Performance Objectives, c) Ratee’s Performance Commitment and, d) Ratee’s Performance Results. Each component has a box where the ratee official will encode the objectives, commitment and results by clicking at the center of each box. When completed, click the “submit” button. Raters may accomplish the BCS form upon receipt of the link via their email accounts. Just click the link and raters will be directed to the BCS form. Raters may choose their ratings from the scale by clicking the drop down arrow corresponding to each question. When completed, click the “finish” button. A notice will pop up stating that the evaluation has been completed.

9. What will we do if we did not receive the links needed for us to rate?

Links are system-generated. You may contact the Performance Management and Assistance Division at (02) 951 4981 local 111 or 110 for assistance in case you encounter problems in receiving your links.

10. I am having difficulties in editing typographic errors in the RIS. Are CESPES coordinators allowed to make changes on the submitted RIS? If yes, do you have a procedure in doing so?

Spellings are crucial in Online CESPES RIS, most specially in encoding of email addresses. Wrong email addresses will cause undelivered links or receipt of an email from Mailer-Daemon. Online CESPES allows the coordinators to edit and/or update the ‘Rater Information’ in their officials’ Ratee Information Sheet by doing the following: (1) Click “UPDATE”; (2) Correct the error; then (3) Click “SAVE”. To safeguard the information of the ratee officials, only qualified CESB personnel may update said information upon the request of the coordinator/s.

11. There are a lot of times when the CESB website was inaccessible to users. What are your measures to ensure the reliability of your server? The CESB is constantly adopting measures to improve its IT-dependent services by acquiring additional servers to be more reliable and efficient for its Online System processes. More often, however, problems in accessing the CESB website are caused by poor internet connection. Internet connection strength and speed depend on the bandwidth capacity of the service provider.

12. How do you ensure that the Online CESPES performs well despite internet congestion?

Internet connection most likely gets slower than usual during deadlines because of congestion due to the large volume of users accessing the system at the same time. We encourage users to accomplish their Online CESPES early and avoid working on it at the last minute/deadline.

13. There are times that my account was locked. What are the reasons for locked accounts and how do I prevent this?

An account is locked after a ratee official has entered a wrong password for three (3) times. When you register, please do not skip the security question. This will be your key in case you forgot your password. The Online CESPES System will send you a new password after answering the security question, thus, allowing you to access your CESPES account again. 14. After the Superior reviews and gives his/her rating on the PCR, can the Ratee see his/her PCR?

No. However, ratings given by the Superior can be seen on the feedback report when the evaluation is completed.

15. Can the Ratee have access to their PCRs? Can it be edited/amended?

Yes, for as long as the PCR has not been submitted for approval by the Superior. If the PCR has been submitted but the ratee feels that he/she needs to amend it, he/she may request the superior to reject the previously submitted PCR and the system will automatically send back the PCR to the Ratee Official for amendment.

16. Is there a manual or guide which can help the Raters and Ratees understand the step-by-step procedure of administering the Online CESPES?

Yes, please click this link: (Guide Powerpoint)

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