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Vacant Third Level Positions
Agency Position Title Plantilla Item No. Closing Date Details
DOST-ASTIDirector IVASTIB-DIR4-1-1998August 19, 2020PDF
NEDADirector IVODGB-DIR4-19-2014August 15, 2020PDF
NEDADirector IVODGB-DIR4-23-1998August 15, 2020PDF
NEDADirector IVODGB-DIR4-9-1998August 15, 2020PDF
NEDADirector III ODGB-DIR3-20-1998August 15, 2020PDF
NEDADirector IIIODGB-DIR3-24-1998August 15, 2020PDF
NEDADirector IIIODGB-DIR3-22-1998August 15, 2020PDF
DOST-PAGASADirector IIIPAGASAB-DIR3-3-1998July 30, 2020PDF

Disclaimer: Vacant third level positions posted in this page are as per request from the requesting agency. For detailed reports on the occupancy of national government agencies, please click this link.

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