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2019 Grateful Leadership: Performance, Positivity, Possibilities

The Fourth Industrial Revolution engendered the need for new mindset, streamlined processes, and creative approaches. Rising up to the challenge, leaders become more accustomed to breaking the status quo, innovating products and services, and building strong collaborations for an efficient and citizen-centric government. In the year 2019, the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) continued to innovate and promulgate policies responsive enough to positively influence leaders in driving organizational performance and achieving societal goals.

In 2019, the CES App was launched which functions as a mobile dashboard of activities and programs for the members of the CES community. It is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

In line with the mobility principle, CESB Resolution Number 1464 was passed which set new guidelines on the secondment of senior officials to strengthen linkages and collaboration among government agencies and other institutions towards the continuous improvement of public service.

The CESB, likewise, expanded the nomination for Gawad CES Award to groups with a maximum of ten members composed of third level Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs) and Eligibles through CESB Resolution No. 1440.

The new guidelines and tools for the CES Performance Evaluation System were also approved by the Governing Board through the CESB Resolution No. 1445. In alignment with the Program Expenditure Classification (PREXC), this aims to strengthen the mechanism for performance accountability in public service and to provide tools to facilitate accurate assessment of an official’s contribution to his/her organization.

For the 9th year, the CESB retained its ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for all of its processes after successfully passing the surveillance audit by the TUV Nord Philippines, Inc.

Other notable accomplishments include:  a) The Board’s approval of fifteen (15) training courses under the CES Accreditation System (CESAS) and eleven (11) prior learning courses for the CES Equivalency System (CESES); b) development of new programs for approval by the Board such as the CES Mentoring Program (CEMP) and Leaders’ Externship and Accountability and Development (LEAD) Program.

The CESB through the Years 2010 – 2019

Financial Performance for 2019

Criteria Target Actual Accomplishment
Obligations Budget Utilization Rate (BUR) 100% 91.8%
Disbursement BUR 100% 98.96%
Submission of Budget and Financial Accountability Reports (BFARs) Using the DBM’s Unified Reporting System (URS) within 15 days after the quarter covered. 100% 9 out of 9 as of quarter ended December 31, 2019
Compliance with COA Audit Findings 30% of the prior years’ audit recommendations fully implemented 75% (3 out of 4) audit recommendations fully implemented.

CESB Programs from 2010 to 2019

Eligibility and Rank Appointment Division

  • CES Written Examination
  • CES Assessment Center
  • Validation of the Job Performance
  • Panel Interview
  • Processing of Recommendation for Appointment to CES Rank
  • Competency Profiling and Portfolio Assessment

Policy Planning and Legal Division (PPLD)

  • Policy Formulation
  • Planning Services
  • Database Management
  • Systems Development

Professional Development Division (PDD)

  • Leadership and Management for Proficiency Program (formerly Executive Leadership Program)
  • CES Leadership Conclave Series (Formerly CES Circle Forum)
  • Project Paglaum
  • HRM Fellowship and Learning Session
  • CES Accreditation System (CESAS)
  • CES Equivalency System (CESES)

Performance Management and Assistance Division (PMAD)

  • The Public Manager
  • Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System (CESPES)
  • The Gawad CES
  • The Outstanding Cost-Effective Officer (CEO) and Very Innovative Person Award
  • CES Club
  • External Relations Services
  • Executive Replacements
  • ComPASSION Project (2018)

The Career Executive Service (CES) is the ‘third level’ or the managerial class in the group of career positions in the Philippine civil service, which was created by Presidential Decree No. 1 to "form a continuing pool of well-selected and development-oriented career administrators who shall provide competent and faithful service.” The Career Executive Service Board (CESB) is the governing body of the CES. The CESB is mandated to promulgate rules, standards and procedures on the selection, classification, compensation and career development of members of the CES.

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