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CES Leader’s Enterprise Attachment Program (LEAP)

The LEAP is a structured immersion-attachment program open to all CESOs and eligibles of good standing in the CES.

It exposes purposively selected public sector executives to new organizations and work environments in systematically selected private sector enterprises/ corporations.

In partnership with the chosen enterprise, CESB facilitates the immersion-attachment with the professional guidance of enterprise-based volunteer mentors/ learning partners within a fixed period of time, hence interfacing the private and public sectors in developmental synergy.

The LEAP creates and harnesses a dynamic learning environment involving career executives/ managers from both sectors partnering in the creation and application of knowledge, skills, values and new technologies, and in sharing lessons, insights and experiences in leading people and institutions and in jointly addressing vital corporate governance problems and issues.

As a key element in the vision of a strengthened CES, the LEAP’s primary goal is improved levels and quality of productivity, mainly demonstrated in high value, efficient, and sustained levels and quality of work performance achieved by developing, institutionalizing and harnessing strategic technical competencies among CESOs and eligibles resulting in optimal organizational effectiveness.

Leading to these goals are the expansion of the scope, upgrading of proficiency levels in, and nurturing key leadership and managerial competencies of career executives through actual structured immersion in/ attachment to model institution(s)/ organization(s).

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