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Inspiring Leadership in Times of Crisis

Inspiring Leadership in Times of Crisis

“You can’t eliminate suffering, nor can you ask people to check their emotions at the door. But you can use your leadership to begin the healing process.” The quote from Jane E. Dutton captures how a leader can help in bringing hope to employees who are going through tough times. Leaders can be healers at the same time by helping employees, or even peers recover from setbacks quickly and effectively.

Calamities, tragedies and illnesses occur unexpectedly and may cause displacement, pain and suffering not only to people who are directly involved but may affect also those who witnessed the misfortunes that befall on family members, relatives, neighbors and even strangers. Showing care, empathy and hope-giving actions are life skills that can be useful at work and at home.

Now on its 28th session, the Project Paglaum workshop continues to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) skills training to future Hope Bearers, equipping learners with ways on how to help people who are experiencing difficult situations such as the pandemic, natural and man-made calamities and tragedies.

Experts and Psychosocial support professionals have been tapped to review and align the design of the Psychological First Aid training program to keep it relevant to the emerging situations in the country and to help address the mental health issues of those experiencing trauma.

CESB’s first Project Paglaum session for 2021 will be conducted virtually via Zoom on 3-5 February 2021 from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Participation in the training program, including instructional materials, is FREE.

Register now by accomplishing the on-line form on or before 27 January 2021 to avail of the limited slots.

For details, contact Ms. Lhuz Arbutante at 0965-320-2445 or through email at [email protected].

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